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Welcome to Equip2Survive.com, where we strive to be the most comprehensive resource for survivalists, preppers, bushcrafters and other types of preparedness & outdoor enthusiasts. At Equip2Survive you will find information about survival plans, skills and techniques, information about survival gear and gear reviews, and the most complete online survival gear store on the web.

Whether you are an occasional day hiker, a weekend outdoor warrior, a hunter or fisherman, backpacker, bushcrafter, kayaker, or a concerned parent who is interested in assembling a proper 72 hour preparedness kit or "bug out bag" for nearly any emergency, you will love this site. Survival techniques, knowledge and gear are not only invaluable in survival scenarios, but learning about survival tactics is fun for the entire family. Even kids love to learn to learn basic survival skills! Let’s get started, shall we?



Why Survival?

Interest in survival, survival equipment, survival gear and survival kits is growing exponentially. It is an international phenomenon, actually. Survival is a topic that means a lot of different things to a lot of different people and interests are motivated by many different things ranging from a genuine fear of the end of the world as we know it to a whimsical romanticism of zombies... but most "survivalists" are simply regular folks who believe that preparing for the unexpected crisis is simply the prudent thing to do. Many survivalists simply love the outdoors and desire to get in touch with their primitive side by honing their primitive living skills. Other survivalists are more motivated by being prepared for unexpected events such as a natural disaster, temporary infrastructure breakdown, car trouble or job loss. Others find themselves concerned about an economic collapse, a terrorist attack, pandemic outbreak, global warming related catastrophe, or other such cataclysmic event. There are even a few who are concerned about a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion. Regardless of what you are preparing for, the one common thread is preparedness.

Survival Gear, Equipment & Resources

At Equip2Survive.com, we are passionate about two things in particular: 1) Learning and sharing anything related to survival, and 2) survival gear and equipment.  Let’s face it, survival gear ROCKS! We love survival knives, bushcraft knives, tactical knives, survival tools like saws, hatchets, tomahawks, machetes, kukri, fire steels, ferro rods, magnesium fire starters, flashlights, water filters, packs and pouches for your survival kits, EDCs, bug out bags, PSKs (Personal Survival Kits), Car Kits, and more! But we don’t stop there. Yes, we are gear lovers, but we are also very passionate about sharing and learning survival knowledge, skills, tricks , tips and techniques. We cover all kinds of survival skills and information on all sorts of topics including survival gear reviews, fire making, shelter building, survival fishing, trapping and hunting and so much more! If you love all things related to survival gear and information, Equip2Survivecom is the place for you!

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