Yarrow… Nature’s “QuikClot”!

Most of us are familiar with a product called “QuikClot” that is designed to keep in your first aid kit and is quite effective for stopping bleeding, but did you know that a wonderful natural coagulant Hemostatic) grows all around us (most of us) and is available starting in the Spring through most of the Fall? It’s known as Yarrow.

Yarrow can be used fresh/crushed and applied as a poultice on a wound or laceration.  You can also dry it and crush it into a powder for future use. Yarrow also facilitates healing and new tissue growth in damaged tissues (Vulnerara).  Yarrow is even a bit of an antiseptic and even slightly antibiotic by nature and can be applied directly to a wound green Even in history Achilles had his troops carry yarrow with them into battle to stop their wounds from bleeding. How cool is that?

Author: Josh Nieten

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