Your First Step: A 72 Hour Kit!

Your 72 hour kit is the very foundation of your entire preparedness plan. A solid 72 hour kit should be your absolute minimum in terms of preparedness efforts and EVERY household should have them (ideally one for each family member). Your 72 hour kit should cover AT THE VERY LEAST the basics of the “Core Four” (shelter, fire, water, food), but should also cover the rest of the E2S “Dirty Dozen” (first aid, tools & repair, communication, navigation, illumination, hygiene & sanitation, protection & security, miscellaneous & multi-use) PLUS a number of other additional items.

Here is a very basic list of items that you will want to put in your in-home 72 hour kit (you can download a more comprehensive list below):

  1. At least 72 hours worth of water for each family member (1 gallon per day per family member)
  2. At least 72 hours worth of food for each family member (3 meals plus snacks)
  3. A stove for cooking food and heating water
  4. An ignition source (Bic lighter, wind/waterproof matches)
  5. Ways to keep warm/cool (blankets, emergency blankets, hand warmers, etc.)
  6. Sources of light (flashlights, headlamps (for each family member), long-burning candles, lanterns, etc.)
  7. A battery powered AM/FM radio
  8. First aid kit
  9. Hygiene & sanitation items (wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.)
  10. Additional batteries
  11. Plastic sheeting
  12. Tools (knives, axe or hatchet, shovel, etc.)
  13. Water treatment methods (filters, potassium iodide tablets, etc.)
  14. Duct tape
  15. Cordage
  16. Toilet “alternative”
  17. Rubber gloves
  18. Dust masks
  19. Bleach
  20. Fire extinguisher
  21. Comfort items (games, books, toys, drawing/coloring items, candy, etc.)

If you are concerned about finding yourself in a situation where your family needs to vacate your home, then you may prefer to design your 72 hour kit as a “Bug Out Bag” instead. A bug out bag is simply a 72 hour kit that is ready to hit the road!

For a more comprehensive and detailed 72 hour kit list, please download the Official E2S Bug Out Bag List below!

Comprehensive 72 Hour Kit List Download (COMING SOON!)

Author: Josh Nieten

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