The Truth About Drinking Pee To Survive! : Part 1


Should you drink it? You are severely dehydrated and you have no access to fresh water. If you don’t drink it, you will die. If you do, you might just keep yourself alive for a little longer giving rescue a chance to find you. But what kinds of risks) are you assuming? Will you get sick? Will it kill you? Or will it actually help keep you alive?

Drinking urine in a survival situation has become quite a controversial topic. The practice of drinking urine in a survival situation was made infamous by shock value “stunts” on survival shows from the likes of TV survival celebs like Bear Grylls on Man vs. Wild and Joe Teti on Dual Survival. In the case of Joe on Dual Survival, Joe’s partner Cody Lundin was adamantly opposed to Joe drinking his own urine and called him an idiot for doing it. But was Cody right? Is drinking your own pee in a survival situation really a dangerous and bad idea? Or was Joe actually on to something? Let’s take a closer look at the facts and science!

Before we delve into the facts and science regarding drinking urine in a survival situation, there is one undisputed way to safely drink urine in a survival situation: Using a solar still to collect evaporated water from urine and collecting it in a vessel.

Survival Solar Still

Peeing in the basin that you are using for your solar still before you put your vessel down and your plastic collection barrier over the top of your still is a smart way to add more moisture for your solar still to collect, especially in extremely dry environments. Your solar still will remove the water (urine is mostly water) from your urine leaving any contaminants behind.

Check out this cool video about how to make your own survival still!:

So this is the one definitive way to safely drink your own urine in a survival situation. That being said, is drinking unprocessed urine a good idea or a bad idea in a survival situation? It’s an interesting and controversial topic that many survival enthusiasts have strong feelings and opinions on. So what does the world of science and medicine say about this controversial practice? The answer might surprise you!

PART 2: Coming Soon!

Author: Josh Nieten

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