Make Your Own E2S “MPEK” Micro Fishing Kit! (Part 3)

Part 3 : Survival Fishing Videos


Want to learn more about how to use your new MPEK micro fishing kit? We added some great instructional videos below about hand fishing, hobo fishing kits, general survival fishing tips, how to clean and cook your catch and more! Check them out below!


Ray Mears Demonstrates Hobo Fishing With Tin Can


Survival Fishing – Tips & Techniques


Great Survival Fishing Tips!


How To Catch Fish For Survival


Bushcraft Fishing Techniques From The Great Mors Kochanski!


Cooking Fish Bushcraft Style


Ponassing (Cooking Fish Bushcraft Style) Trout

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Author: Josh Nieten

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  1. Pretty good idea. I only got thing to suggest. instead of making 3 compartments, find a way to make a 4th. That last one is empty and can maybe act like a bobber 😉 worth a try.

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    • Thanks Eric! And… excellent suggestion! Apparently great minds think alike!

      If you take a look at our MPEK Fishing Kit image slideshow on Part 1 of this little fishing kit series, you’ll notice a four section kit with a bright pink compartment at one end. I took a bright pink sticky note, rolled it up and slid it into the straw and sealed it up… as a little integrated bobber just like you suggested! So, terrific idea on your part! And we actually did take a second straw and added a little length to that particular kit like you suggested too. It was a little tricky getting the add on section straight, but even though it isn’t pretty, it works!

      Thanks for visiting our site, reading the article and sharing your comment! Hope you will come back often for many new and exciting things coming to E2S!! Make sure you sign up for our email list so you can be updated about deals, discounts, giveaways and our new E2S newsletter (more like a mini survival magazine) that we are really excited about!! More on that coming very soon!!

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  2. Don’t think you need to get cold to go ice-fishing. With a little preparation, you can stay very comfortable on the ice even if the weather is a little chilly.

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