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16. EMP Resistance

Now I am only going touch lightly on this topic as it is a huge discussion unto itself, but here’s the short version: If you are concerned about the possibility of an EMP attack or solar flare-related EMP, then you are going to want to get an older vehicle (pre-1980’s is a good rule of thumb) that was made before we started relying on sophisticated electronics, circuitry, and computers in our vehicles. There’s is some debate about what the “rule of thumb” cut off date is precisely on such vehicles (it’s different based on vehicle makes and models as well), but if this is of paramount concern to you, then do your own research in regard to choosing a vehicle that is EMP impervious. This is not my personal area of expertise. I am merely mentioning/acknowledging this consideration for those that might concerned about this type of threat.

EMP Resistant Bug Out Vehicle Options:
Bug Out Toyota Landcruiser!

Bug Out Jeep Cherokee SJ!

Another Version Of A Bug Out Ford Bronco!

Bug Out International Harvester Scout!

Bug Out Ford Bronco!

Bug Out Jeep CJ!

Bug Out Toyota Tacoma!

Bug Out Land Rover!

Bug Out Bicycle!

Bug Out Toyota Hilux N30!

Bug Out Ford!

Bug Out Dodge CUCV!

Bug Out Jeep Cherokee!

Bug Out Chevy Blazer CUCV!

Another Bug Out Jeep Cherokee!

Bug Out Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser!

Bug Out Chevy Trailblazer!

Bug Out Humvee!

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Author: Josh Nieten

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