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We covered this a little in the previous section, but this variable is definitely worth mentioning on its own and discussing further. Ideally you want to choose a vehicle that you can get the very most out of. You don’t want a designated BOV that just sits unused in your garage or driveway and never gets driven. That’s not good for vehicles for numerous reasons. If for some reason you opt for the designated BOV in addition to your daily driver(s), then consider a vehicle that you can get a little more out of than just waiting around for S to HTF. For example, how about a vehicle that is ideal for bugging out but is also terrific for various outdoor adventures like camping, bushcrafting, off-roading, overloading, and other outdoor outdoor recreation activities? Or maybe your designated BOV can serve you in a work capacity like moving or hauling things? The possibilities are endless, but the main point here is think about other purposes your BOV can serve you while you aren’t actually bugging out! Think of your BOV like a dog. If that dog never gets attention or exercise, that dog is going to be pretty miserable being neglected like that. Your BOV needs love too! It needs care, attention, and “exercise” (taken out and used from time to time) at least every few months to keep the fuel running through it and the parts moving!
Practical Bug Out Vehicle Options:
Bug Out Bicycle!

Bug Out Nissan Xterra!

Nissan Xterras have been extremely popular lighter-duty SUVs for several decades now. Tough, rugged, fun to drive, great handling… the Xterra is one of our favorite BOVs. While Nissan stopped offering the Xterra in 2015, Nissan is bringing them back in 2018! Xterras are widely available pre-owned and easy to find parts for. The Xterra is also a terrific “every day driver” due to it’s slightly smaller size and better gas mileage.

Bug Out Toyota Tacoma!

Bug Out Nissan Xterra With Rooftop Tent!

This Nissan Xterra is equipped with a nice hard-top rooftop tent!! Roof top tents are a great way to add vehicle-based sleeping quarters to your BOV without sacrificing inside storage space!

Bug Out Toyota Landcruiser!

Bug Out Toyota Tacoma Off Road!

This off road Toyota Tacoma is set up for both adventure and emergency situations as it is fully decked out with a rooftop tent, jerry cans, light kit, skid plate, snorkel, winch and much more!! Tacomas are another one of our favorite BOV options as Toyotas are known for their longevity, often lasting over 300K miles when properly taken care of! Tacomas are terrific every day drivers for individuals as they are smaller trucks and are fairly fuel efficient!

Bug Out Ford Bronco!

Toyota Tacoma With Bug Out Trailer & Rooftop Tent!

Here’s another terrific example of a fully equipped and accessorized Toyota Tacoma! This one is pulling a bug out trailer with a rooftop tent on it, a roof rack, high-powered LED light kit, skid plate, winch and more!

Another Version Of A Bug Out Ford Bronco!

Bug Out Toyota FJ Cruiser!

Toyota offered the FJ Cruiser from 2006 to 2013, but there are still plenty of pre-owned ones out there to be had. They are sporty and stylish little SUVs that are quite popular with the bug out and overland vehicle communities.

Bug Out Ford!

Bug Out Subaru Forester!

The Subaru Forester is a terrific little vehicle with great off capabilities! Subarus are known for their their ruggedness and their appeal to outdoor adventurers. They are one of the few cars out there that offer legitimate four-wheel drive. They may not have the storage capabilities of some of the other options featured in this article, but they do make terrific every day drivers. There are tons of aftermarket accessories to outfit your Subaru with that nearly parallel the accessories you can get for any popular truck or SUV!

Bug Out Jeep Cherokee!

Fully Loaded Subaru Bug Out Vehicle!

Here’s a terrific example of a fully loaded Subaru draped in accessories including a rooftop tent, jerry cans, spare tire mount, traction pad and more!

Another Bug Out Jeep Cherokee!

One More Subaru!

Here’s one more example of a Subaru outfitted with a roof rack and light kit ready for action!

Bug Out Chevy Trailblazer!

Bug Out Jeep Wrangler!

While Jeep Wranglers may not be a great choice as a daily driver for everyone, many folks would absolutely love to drive a Jeep Wrangler as their every day driver. Jeeps are versatile, tough, common, and accessories for Jeeps are widely available. Jeep Wranglers could absolutely be a completely practical and fun every day driver!

Bug Out Chevy Truck!

Bug Out Toyota 4Runner!

Toyota 4Runners are also extremely popular vehicles and have been for decades. Common, long-lasting, durable, dependable… 4Runners are often a popular choice as family vehicles over mini vans! As with the rest of Toyota vehicles, 4Runners can last decades and hundreds of thousands of miles when properly maintained!

Bug Out 1994 Dodge Ram!

Bug Out Land Rover!

When most folks think “Land Rover”, they think incredibly expensive luxury SUV only affordable for the rich. But pre-owned “Landys” are extremely popular as bug out vehicles and, because they are so well made, they can older Landys can be had at a much lower price than brand new ones. Again, Land Rovers are common (mostly because they last so incredibly long) and easy to work on! And they make great family every day drivers! They are also incredibly easy to accessorize!

Bug Out Kaizer Jeep!

Bug Out 97 Toyota Land Cruiser!

This Toyota Land Cruiser is 20 years old!! But if it was properly maintained and in decent shape, this is a terrific example of an awesome BOV option that could be had at a very affordable price!

Bug Out Chevy Suburban!

Bug Out Toyota 4Runner!

Here’s an example of an older Toyota 4Runner that could also make a terrific bug out vehicle at an affordable price that could easily be a practical every day driver!

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Author: Josh Nieten

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