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The importance of this variable in the BOV selection process should go without saying for obvious reasons. You ultimately have no idea what you may or may not encounter in an actual bug out scenario. It could be wall to wall traffic and you need a way to get off the traffic-blocked road and get away from what could become numerous potential threats as time passes and the people who are stuck in traffic all around you become less and less “civil” because they are running out of food and water. It could be downed trees or power lines. It could be road blocks. Whatever threat you might encounter, you want to be able to confidently choose another path quickly… and often that new path is going to be considerably rougher than the one you originally planned on.

So you want a vehicle that can meet the demands of said new path. You want to choose a vehicle that is rugged and sturdy and can take some bumps without a hitch. You want a vehicle that can manage some mud and water without getting stuck.

You may also want to consider a vehicle that can take some bumps from other vehicles and keep on trucking as well! God forbid someone actually tries to incapacitate you and your vehicle in an attempt to take YOUR gear and supplies, but it could happen. This is another front where older vehicles have an advantage over newer cars. Their bodies are MUCH more solid and sturdy and can take more abuse than newer, lighter and more fuel efficient vehicles.

Have you ever seen an accident with a newer car and an older car and the newer car is demolished and the older car barely has a scratch? Yup. That’s exactly what I am describing.

Tough & Durable Bug Out Vehicle Options:
Bug Out Bicycle!

Bug Out Vehicle Toyota Tundra!

The Toyota Tundra is a BEAST and, like all other Toyotas, have garnered that same reputation for toughness, durability and longevity! If you are looking for power, the Tundra may be a better option for you to consider than it’s smaller sibling the Toyota Tacoma!

Bug Out Toyota Tacoma!

Bug Out Land Rover!

This Land Rover is completely loaded with awesome accessories and has even had the entire body “repainted” with a tough coating of spray on bed liner making it impervious to scratches and dings!

Bug Out Toyota Landcruiser!

Bug Out Vehicle Jeep Wrangler!

This lifted Jeep Wrangler is as tough and durable as they come in terms of a conventional sized consumer vehicle!

Bug Out Ford Bronco!

Bug Out Vehicle 2008 Hummer H1!

H1 Hummers are another tough and durable bug out vehicle option as they have been used by the military for decades!

Another Version Of A Bug Out Ford Bronco!

Bug Out Hummer H1 Wide Body!

This Hummer H1 has been fitted with a Wide Body Kit by Predator!

Bug Out Ford!

Bug Out Jeep Wrangler!

Another terrific example of a fully loaded Jeep Wrangler!

Bug Out Jeep Cherokee!

Bug Out Avtoros Shamen!

If money isn’t a concern and you REALLY want to step up your bug out vehicle game, then you might want to check out the mighty Russian-made Avtoros Shamen! This eight-wheeled beast holds eight passengers and actually drives across water!! But for a Shamen to be a realistic option for you, you are going to need a BOV budget of at least $178K.

Another Bug Out Jeep Cherokee!

Bug Out Vehicle Aton Impulse Viking!

The Aton Impulse Viking is yet another impressive Russian-made beast of a vehicle. While much smaller than the Avtoros Shamen, it is much lighter, faster, and consumes far less fuel. But the Viking, with its enormous tires, traverses water with ease (literally floats on water) just like the Shamen does! But sadly, just like the Shamen, you are going to need a BOV budget of between $200K and $350K to get the keys to your very own Impulse!

Bug Out Chevy Trailblazer!

Bug Out Vehicle Aton Impulse Viking!

Here’s another view of the impressive (albeit expensive) Aton Impulse Viking!

Bug Out Chevy Truck!

Bug Out 1941 Deuce And A Half Army 4x4!

The classic Army “Deuce and a half” has been around since before WWII and is a rugged powerhouse and can easily be found for as little as a few thousand dollars! They are fairly basic to work on and have lots of power and storage space for both passengers and gear/supplies! While these monsters are gas guzzlers, the initial cost of a “Deuce and a half” is MUCH lower than some of the Russian options we shared previously. By far.

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Author: Josh Nieten

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