How To Build A Campfire With Wet Wood Using Only Natural Materials! (Part 1: Know Your Enemies!)

1. KNOW YOUR ENEMIES! (When Staring A Fire In Wet Conditions):


Survival Bushcraft Fire Starting Wet Rain Wind Campfire

Rain, snow, wind and humidity can all make starting a fire much more challenging in a survival situation. That being said, “challenging” is not synonymous with “impossible”. Keep reading to learn some terrific tips and tricks for starting a fire in the worst conditions!


The vast majority of us that have any experience with fire at all have learned that moisture and wind are two forces of nature that are extremely impactful when it comes to starting fires in the outdoors.

But why?
Have you ever really thought about it?

  • Why are these two specific forces so particularly troubling when it comes to starting fires?
  • Why is understanding the answers to these questions so important?
  • What can we learn from the answers to these questions?
  • And most importantly… How do we leverage a better understanding of these dynamics/variables to garner better fire-making results and skills?

I would suggest that the best place to start when it comes to better understanding these fire making impediments would be the fundamentals of the famous “Fire Triangle” (heat/fuel/oxygen). While most of us are quite familiar with the “Fire Triangle” concept, few of us actually fully utilize this important fire-making “triad” toward truly identifying why these two variables become such impediments that prevent us from facilitating fire in the worst conditions. And that’s a real missed opportunity, in my view.


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Author: Josh Nieten

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    • Sorry about that Dave! For some reason when I published the article the links included old dates in the path instead of the new published ones. I corrected them manually so they all work terrifically now! Thanks for bringing this to my attention! Technology, right? LOL!!

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