How To Build A Campfire With Wet Wood Using Only Natural Materials! (Part 4: Site)


4. SITE (Location):

Your next order of business is to find a location that is the most protected from wind, rain and snow as possible. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but the the drier and more protected from the rain, snow and wind the better. You want to choose a site that offers the driest foundation (ground) you possibly can, but even if your site is not perfectly dry, finding a site that is as free of these impediments as you possibly can is ideal. This could be under a tree, nestled in a vertical rock depression or fallen tree base, etc.

Or… you may have to construct something quickly to give your fire site such protection.
Like a small “shelter” for your fire. This structure can be an additional asset anyway since it can reflect heat back to you like a reflector, so if necessary, do it. There’s no point in proceeding if your fire is going to be exposed to rain, snow, and wind.

 Bushcraft Survival Rain Start Fire

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Author: Josh Nieten

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