How To Build A Campfire With Wet Wood Using Only Natural Materials! (Part 5: Cover)


5. Cover

Now that you have side protection for your fire site, you may also need overhead protection as well if your site does not already offer that to you.

Again, remember your “Fire Triangle”. I can’t reinforce this concept too much or too often as it is vital to success with fire in the worst conditions. As I laid out previously, water is detrimental to fire because it reduces A) heat and B) the availability of oxygen required for it to sustain itself. Water has similar effects on the survivability of humans in that it can prevent humans from getting oxygen (drowning) and cold water can lower your core body temperature (hypothermia).

Just like shelter can protect humans from getting cold and wet in the snow, wind and pouring rain, “shelter” (or cover) can protect your fire from these same elements as well. In fact, your fire may actually depend on such protection in the worst conditions.

So your next order of business is to make sure that your fire site is protected from above against falling snow or pouring rain because… you will never get a fire started if rain or snow is falling on your fire site and materials.


Survival Bushcraft Fire Location Site Protected Covered Wind Rain Snow

PLEASE be very careful when protecting your fire from the elements above. There are some innate dangers in doing this, so exercise extreme caution and use your noggin so you don’t burn, injure or asphyxiate yourself. Make sure not to make your fire too big and or set whatever is above you on fire. The last thing you need is yet another disaster to deal with. Make your fire is large enough to do the job but small enough as to avoid setting whatever is above it on fire as well. Never build a fire in a flammable shelter of any kind (at least not without taking the necessary precautions to ensure that it is surrounded by a barrier of non-flammable materials that will protect your shelter from catching on fire. Materials like stone, mud or clay are great options. Another reason to avoid building your fire inside of your shelter is the danger of SMOKE INHALATION! PLEASE exercise great caution with ALL of these types of decisions!


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Author: Josh Nieten

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