How To Build A Campfire With Wet Wood Using Only Natural Materials! (Bushcraft Skills)


Fire is your best friend in a survival situation.

It produces warmth to help you regulate your core temperature, gives you light in the darkness, provides much needed comfort and morale, can help you treat water for drinking, cook food, give you the opportunity to signal for help, and so much more! 

For your average wilderness survival or bushcraft skills enthusiast, starting a fire is typically a fairly simple task in relatively pleasant conditions. But this typically simple task can become much more challenging when Mother Nature is throwing her very worst at you! This when pulling out all the stops could just save your life!

It’s not uncommon for a typical survival situation to be compounded by pouring rain, falling snow, strong winds or even high levels of humidity. These types of conditions dramatically decrease your odds of starting a fire. So we are going to help you step up your fire-starting game to help you overcome those increasing odds!

Unfortunately, survival is not a “weather permitting” scenario.

While starting a fire is much more challenging in such conditions, it’s far from impossible. We have some terrific simple tips and tricks to help you overcome these odds and help you get that fire started when you need it most!

Survival Bushcraft Fire Wet Wood Conditions Snow Rain Humidity Natural Materials

So without further ado, let’s get started!
We have some terrific tips, tricks, concepts, images and graphics to share with you in the upcoming pages that will help you start a survival or campfire even in the very worst of conditions! You don’t want to miss out on missing a single one of them!


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Author: Josh Nieten

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