The “Hydrotisserie” Bushcraft Chicken Challenge!


What do you get when you mix bushcraft, outdoor cooking, wilderness ingenuity and a fun challenge? The “hydrotisserie” bushcraft chicken! Who’s up for the challenge?? You gotta take a whole chicken… and cook it in the outdoors… using your own water wheel powered rotisserie build!! How fun is this?? It’s bushcraft cooking meets Angus MacGyver!


So this fascinating & impressive contraption may not be your conventional survival or bushcraft skill (or method for cooking a chicken), but there are a number of skills learned and developed in taking on such a challenging task. This type of challenge really gets the creativity and inventive juices flowing! It teaches you practical knowledge and skills regarding working with your hands, ingenuity, problem solving, how to cook without a conventional kitchen with a full set of modern appliances, etc. These are all incredibly valuable survival skills!!


And despite the title of this article, you can actually use this cooking method to cook FAR more than just chickens. As you will see in several of the videos below, some folks have thrown as many as a dozen chickens on the spit!! There are hogs, beef ribs, venison, and so much more!!


So… do you have what it takes to take on the “Hydrotisserie Chicken Challenge”?? Check out the cool photos and videos below for inspiration and to learn more about fabricating your own “hydrotisserie”!!


“Hydrotisserie” Chicken Photo Gallery:



“Hydrotisserie” Chicken Videos:



Share your“hydrotisserie” success stories with us!! Let us know if you have some photos or videos to share with your own “hydrotisserie” success story and we’ll feature you on E2S!!

Author: Josh Nieten

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