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Survival Hygiene & Sanitation!

Hygiene and Sanitation are next on the survival priority list. Failing to attend to you and your family’s hygiene or sanitation can result in sickness, disease, infection and even death. As with many other survival topics, hygiene and sanitation overlap with other survival topics such as fire and water. For example, if you fail to properly attend to sanitation issues, this can easily impact your drinking water situation by contaminating it resulting in diseases such as dysentery.

As a part of a modern society, hygiene and sanitation are easily taken for granted as they are so easy to attend to because of running water, modern toilets, showers, water heaters, electric razors, and so on. But if we no longer have these modern conveniences due to “grid crash” of some kind, like a power outage caused by a tornado or hurricane, then hygiene and sanitation measures suddenly become a tremendous challenge for us.

Some will be tempted to just take shortcuts and neglect to address these new challenges properly, creating a nightmare scenario especially in urban areas. Not only will you have to address your own hygiene and sanitation needs, but you will also have to take precautions to safeguard your loved ones from the poor sanitation methods engaged in by others. For example, if your water source is a nearby river, you and yours may be taking precautions and not dumping your waste into the same river you are getting drinking water in, but your neighbors upstream may not be.

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