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Survival Light Sources, Lighting & Illumination!

I think it is safe to say that we all pretty much completely take for granted our ability to have the light we need at almost any given moment. We flip a switch, and voila... there is light. Light is such an affordable commodity that we usually have several options to provide light in just about every room in our homes. We have task lighting, ambient lighting, mood lighting, down lighting... we tend to have all the bases covered when it comes to lighting.

But if/when a SHTF scenario occurs, then that lighting that we are so used to will disappear with the rest of our modern technological advances that are fed by the power grid. If the grid goes down, what then? We need to prepare alternative means to produce practical and affordable lighting so that we can see to carry on important tasks well after the sun goes down.

Light is important during a crisis for a number of reasons. Light allows you to complete tasks after dark, it allows you to navigate after dark if necessary. It helps you locate needed items, gear and resources in the dark. You can signal for help with light. Light is even a moral booster.

So what are some viable options in a survival situation?

Oil Lamps

Fuel & Power for your lighting

Whatever your preferred source of lighting, all sources of light require power or fuel. Fires require wood. Candles require wax. Oil lamps require oil. Flashlights and headlamps require batteries. Many of these resources will be in short supply and in high demand. Make sure you factor this into your emergency preparedness plan. Batteries, fuel, and wax are going to be difficult to find sooner or later. Plan ahead.

“Plan ahead how?” you ask? Well, you can store up batteries, lamp oil, and candles. Batteries have a limited shelf life, so keep this in mind. Rechargeable batteries may be an option worth considering that can extend the life of your batteries, but to do this you will need a source of power to recharge your batteries. A solar charger or wind turbine could do the trick. A generator would be helpful, but these depend on fuel themselves. Petroleum base fuels also have a shelf life, so be careful to factor this into your plan as well.

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