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Nutrition in a Survival Situation!

When it comes to survival and the classic "rule of threes" of survival, it will take you three weeks to die from a lack of nutrition. Because of this "fact", many survival enthusiasts foolishly neglect nutrition by completely underpreparing on the nutrition front... which can be very dangerous. While it is true that humans can live roughly three weeks without food, a lot can go very wrong much sooner than that if you don't get some nutrition. In a survival situation you can easily die from lack of nutrition much sooner than three weeks... indirectly. That's right, a lack of nutrition can easily get you killed in just a matter of a few days by impairing your judgement, causing you to get fatigued and injure yourself because your brain, muscles and the rest of your body are not getting any fuel to complete important tasks or make important decisions!

In a survival situation, food is more than just a basic need that must be met before three weeks is up in order for you to stay alive. Food is the important fuel that your body needs to help keep you energized to keep you working on tasks and problem solving. While it is true, you can technically stay alive for several weeks without food, that is going to be a very unpleasant three weeks. The intake of calories will benefit you much sooner than three weeks (this is especially true when you are active) by helping you perform important tasks and make important decisions. Calories can also help keep you warm in the cold, can give you energy to perform tasks, bring you comfort by staving off hunger, and can prevent injury due to fatigue.

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The ugly truth about food and survival: You won’t die directly from a lack of nutrition, you will just be uncomfortable (in short term... three weeks or less... survival scenario)

Calories needed to complete tasks!

Survival hunting, trapping, fishing
Tracking (dual purpose skill: procuring food and increasing security)
Wild edibles
Wilderness scavenging
Found meat
“Creepy Crawlies”
Prepper approach to nutrition:

Heirloom seeds
Storing techniques (vacuum seal, mylar bags, nitrogen, hand warmers)
Urban : urban scavenging Urban hunting (mice, rats, birds, other)



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