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Assembling Your Survival Plan!

Putting together an emergency preparedness plan for you and your family is simply a smart thing to do. However, creating such a plan can be a daunting task. Fortunately, there are some really simple and effective ways to break your planning down into bite sized chunks that are easy to implement over time and most importantly, are affordable.

The first step in creating your emergency preparedness plan is to sit down and honestly assess the kinds of threats that you are likely to face in your future. Many of your typical survivalists get motivated about survival as part of their response to fear of major catastrophic/apocalyptic events like a terrorist attack, economic collapse, or something similar. While these types of events are completely possible, for most just starting their emergency preparedness plan, it is completely impractical to purchase a remote plot of land, build an underground retreat designed to withstand nuclear blast and EMP (electro magnetic pulse) bursts, and store up years worth of food, supplies, gear, ammunition, and everything else you would need for WTSHTF.

Not all survivalists believe we are going to see scenarios anywhere nearly this extreme. You may simply lose your job and need to prepare for that possibility. You may end up sliding your car off an icy road and down into a snowy embankment, and may want to prepare to keep warm, hydrated and fed until help arrives. You may lose your home to a hurricane, flood, tornado or fire and may want to put together a bag to grab and keep your family's needs met for a few days. Or... a zombie apocalypse may strike and you need to prepare for such an event. It's called sarcasm, folks. The point is that you and your spouse need to decide what scenarios you think it would be wise to prepare for and build your plan around such potential emergencies.

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The good news is that most survival plans have most of the same fundamental ingredients. They mostly differ in size and quantity, depending on the duration of the disaster being prepared for and the number of people whose needs the plan will need to meet. All survival plans should be built around these fundamental concerns:

Core Body Temperature (Fire & Shelter)
Hydration (Water)
Nutrition (Food)
Security & Safety
Tools and Light
Fabrication & Repair
Navigation & Communication (including signalling)
Health (Physical & Mental)

There are other things that you may wish to factor into your plan, but these are the fundamentals.

Assembling Your Emergency Preparedness Plan!



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