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Survival Skills

Survival skills are far more valuable than survival knowledge or survival gear, but sadly many survival enthusiasts tend to prioritize these three items in the reverse order. They tend to love acquiring gear and learning survival concepts from TV shows and movies, but don't actually get outside and try what they've just seen on Survivorman. Why? Because buying stuff and watching movies and TV is fun. Actually trying your hand at using that gear is work!

There is a saying, "The more you know, the less you need." In terms of survival, arguably there is no greater truth. While the tools and gear you have can make your situation much easier and more comfortable, without the necessary knowledge, experience and skills, a garage or basement full of gear is not going to save you. You must constantly be adding to your knowledge and your skill sets to have a fighting chance in a SHTF scenario.

Even knowledge alone can lull you into a false sense of security. You can surf the web, read the books, and watch episodes of Doomsday Preppers all you want... but until you put your money where your mouth is and actually attempt starting a fire with nothing but a fire steel or attempt to catch a fish with a pocket fishing kit... don't foolishly assume that you will be able to get results without some hard work and hours of practice.

PRACTICING these skills when you don't need to will better ensure that you will be able to do these tasks when you DO need to. Don't wait until an emergency to find out for sure. Knowing how to do these things and being able to do them when required are two completely different things. Get out there and use your equipment and hone your skills!

And for the love of God.... PLEASE don't just pack a firesteel and a knife into your pocket, head out into the woods by yourself and try to survive off the land for a week having never done anything like that before. That is a good way to get yourself killed. Start off practicing individual basic skills in the safety your own backyard. If something doesn't work out or you get injured, you can step inside, get warm, make yourself a sandwich, call 911... whatever you need to do. Don't just throw yourself into the wild arrogantly assuming "It can't be that tough. I'm sure I can do it." Work up to that point. Don't be foolish. Try just an over nighter in your back yard or someplace within walking distance of your home... someplace that you are very familiar with. Invite a buddy to join you so that you are not alone! Work up to longer adventures in more remote places, and even then always make sure someone knows where you are and when you will be back.

  Equip2Survive.com Dirty Dozen Survival Topics
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At Equip2Survive.com, we cover a slew of survival skills that all center around what we call our "Dirty Dozen" survival priorities. We are going to show you multiple fire making methods for warmth, light, comfort, making water drinkable and cooking. We are going to discuss the importance of hydration in a survival situation and how to procure water, make it safe to drink, and carry it with you. Shelter making is another skill we cover comprehensively, both primitive and commercial shelter systems. Survival first aid is another set of skills that we will go over. Choosing the right survival tools, how to use them, and how to maintain them... these are important survival skills as well. Survival nutrition is another topic that we are going to go over in great depth ranging from how to find food sources to how to prepare and cook in a survival situation and even safely store food and supplies in preparation for a disaster. Images1

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