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Survival Binder Clips!

Binder clips are awesome little inventions. They are the big brother of the paper clip, binding thick stacks of paper together with reliable strength and ease! They are cheap, versatile and ever so handy! We use them for everything around the office at E2S... and beyond!!

Survival Binder Clips?? 30 Original Survival Uses for this Common Office Supply!
There are lots of great little articles all over the internet about clever uses for binder clips, but we thought we’d take that same idea only ad a twist: 30 Innovative SURVIVAL Binder Clip Uses! And to make this even more challenging, we will included a “use” for each of our Equip2Survive Dirty Dozen as well! Here we go!
  1. Small Gear/Container Hangers (either from cordage or on wall, glue magnet to, etc.)
  2. Small Clamp (holding things together and in place temporarily)
  3. Picture Hangers/Stand (from nails or pins on wall, from cordage or on a table top)
  4. Clothes Pins/Driers
  5. Small Pot Holders/Hangers (combined with paracord and/or sticks over a fire)
  6. Hat Clip/Hanger
  7. Clothing Repair or Alterations (broken snap or button, zipper, tie, tear or other)
  8. Shelter Making
  9. Map Holder (run a line of cordage between two points, clip top corners of map around cordage and hang)
  10.  Signal Flag Marker Holders (bread crumbs… save cordage by attaching with clips)
  11.  Bookmark
  12.  Bag Clip (much like a chip clip, or hang ziplock bags filled with water or other)
  13.  Anti-Roll/Slip device (clip to something round to keep it from rolling. Like a pencil or tool.)
  14.  Sharpening Strop Clip (for sand paper strips)
  15.  Improvised Clip Board
  16.  Cordage Organizers
  17.  Rain Catcher & Solar Still Making (Hydration)
  18.  Traps and Snares (trigger mechanisms, guides, etc.)
  19.  Trip Wires (trigger mechanisms, guides, etc.) for Securing Perimeters.
  20.  Improvised Chess/Game Pieces
  21.  Stabilizers & Feet (keep things from falling over)
  22.  Keep Folded Items Folded
  23.  Privacy Screen Hangers (for going potty or changing clothes)
  24.  Container Lid Reinforcement
  25.  Pencil/Pen Holder (clipped to binder/note pad)
  26.  Secure Trash Bag or other Bin Liner to a Container
  27.  Secure Plastic Sheeting or Drum Liner in place for Shelter or Solar Still
  28.  Paper Target Holders
  29.  Mosquito Net Clips
  30. Improvised Shelving (combine with cordage)

The possibilities are endless, as you can see. So what other ideas can you come up with??

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