Why Zombies?

What is up with this insane zombie craze the past few years, right?? Those crazy zombie fanatics… I mean, first it was vampires (thanks Twilight!!), and now… zombies!! Really?? Will it ever end??

Um… yeah. WE HOPE NOT!!!! We at E2S absolutely LOVE us some zombies!!! The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead, World War Z, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Shaun of the Dead, I Am Legend… you get the idea.

So why do we love all things zombie so much? Well… there are several reasons. First of all, they are just plain fun!! They are disgusting, lurking creatures that are only interested in one thing: eating your brains!!! And… you don’t have to feel guilty about them getting hacked up or shot in the head during a movie or TV show or blowing zombies up with a pipe bomb in a video game because… they are already dead!!!

But beyond all of that undeniable zombie action fun in pop culture, believe it or not there actually is some real constructive value to this enormous zombie craze. And many have cleverly tapped into this value!

You see, watching the Walking Dead, World War Z or playing a zombie themed video game like Left4Dead or Dead Rising… it gets you thinking about what you would do in situations like those. It makes you think about how you’d handle different threats, who you’d trust, where you’d go, what you’d take and what pitfalls to avoid to protect your family. That’s a good thing in terms of preparedness, isn’t it?

That’s why a number of disaster preparedness focused websites have decided to use zombies as sort of their… um… mascot? Their “zombie themed” preparedness sites are actually using zombies as a metaphor for much the more real threats (that aren’t nearly as fun to discuss, let’s be honest) as a means to get people more interested and involved in emergency preparedness!! And it’s working!!

Two “zombie themed” preparedness websites that we are particularly fond of are Zombie Squad and Zombie Research Society. Definitely check them out!!

So we hope you will stick around/check back in with this area of our website because we are going to keep posting all kinds of fun yet educational zombie-related preparedness posts, resources, insights and more!!

Author: Josh Nieten

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  1. Well if u have noticed like i have, we are already suffering from a zombie apocalypse. You seen tbe younger generation? Walking down the street heads down, faces stuck to their phones texting people….. playing pokemon go. Thwy are the true Zombies….

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