How To Build A Campfire With Wet Wood Using Only Natural Materials! (Part 9: Practice!)


One last step in this process before we let you go:


Don’t Wait Until An Emergency Occurs To Use This Knowledge Or Develop These Skills. Practice Them NOW!!

And don’t wait for a nice pleasant day to practice these skills. Challenge yourself to practice these skills on cold, windy, rainy/snowy days too! Simply being able to start and sustain a fire in fair weather is not very much of a challenge. Get out there in the bad weather to put your skills to the test too!


In summary, here are the steps that we just covered in a concise list format for you to easily review what we just covered and add to your notes to utilize later:


  1. KNOW YOUR ENEMIES: Moisture & Wind
  2. KNOW YOUR FIRE TRIANGLE! (inside and out!): Heat/Oxygen/Fuel!
  3. TINDER!: Your First Priority!
  4. SITE (Location): Choose a site to start your fire that is protected from moisture & wind!
  5. COVER: Take further steps to ensure that your fire will be protected from the elements!
  6. ELEVATE: Get your fire materials up off the cold damp ground so you aren’t battling conduction!
  7. FUEL: Gather plenty of dry fire materials (kindling & larger fuel). Process them (make your own) to get to that internal dry wood if you have to!
  8. HUMIDITY: In humid conditions, give your fire-making efforts that extra advantage with a “fire extender”!
  9. PRACTICE!: Get out there and practice these skills, challenging yourself in the worst conditions so they become second nature to you! Remember… Survival is not a “weather permitting” scenario!

I hope you find these insights, tips and tricks helpful! Please let me know with a comment below!

Josh Nieten


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Author: Josh Nieten

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  1. Nice job, Josh. You gave us a detailed, but readable article on one of the most important elements of survival. Keep it up!

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    • Thanks so much Dave! Appreciate you taking the time to read my post, especially after the issues you experienced with the navigation initially! Thanks so much for coming back and reading! I appreciate it very much and appreciate your kind words! Thank you!

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