Slingshot Accuracy: How To Dramatically Improve Yours In Minutes!

Let us show you how to quickly become deadly accurate with a slingshot!

(or “catapaults” as our European friends refer to them) are fantastic survival tools that are incredibly versatile and well worth adding to your “survival arsenal”. While slingshots can’t necessarily completely replace a quality modern firearm, slingshots absolutely have numerous very real advantages over firearms that simply can’t be denied.

Slingshots are lighter than firearms, less expensive (FREE if you make your own, which is not hard to do!), they are much quieter than firearms, far less expensive, and ammo is virtually endless and often FREE!!

Simple Shot Scout Slingshot Survival Bushcraft Accuracy

While modern firearms certainly have numerous advantages over slingshots in a number of situations… this is not always the case. Modern firearms are loud (can spook your prey, alert threats to your presence and even give away your location), more complex mechanically (can jam or fail), require VERY specific ammunition, and both the firearm itself and the ammo you feed it are expensive and heavy. That’s why it’s always prudent to diversify/expand your tools, knowledge and skills by becoming proficient with yet another terrific survival tool: the slingshot!

Sadly, far too many wilderness survival and preparedness enthusiasts make the mistake of prematurely marginalizing the slingshot as a serious contender as a survival tool/weapon for one primary reason:

Beginning shooters often struggle most with accuracy and quickly get discouraged.

But we are going to show you exactly how to overcome that issue today so that you can immediately start enjoying dramatic improvement in your slingshot accuracy!!

Because beginners are often uncertain about how to properly shoot a slingshot and aren’t sure where to turn for guidance, beginning shooters can get discouraged very quickly with their inability to hit anything consistently. Even at close range. I know exactly how this feels!

But it’s really not hard at all to dramatically improve your slingshot accuracy very quickly with some terrific tips from a slingshot PRO and a little practice!!

After all, don’t most survival skills take practice? Even shooting a modern firearm takes practice, right?

Just like any other survival skill, if you truly commit yourself to learning the skill of shooting a slingshot with pinpoint accuracy, you absolutely will achieve it!! It’s simply a learned skill just like most other things.

So how about some terrific slingshot shooting tips from slingshot pro GameKeeper John about how to properly aim a slingshot (plus lots of other great tips like form, stance, etc.) so that you can quickly learn to achieve pinpoint accuracy with your slingshot?

This video is a longer video, but it is FULL of AMAZING tips, tricks, and insights that will help propel your slingshot shooting skills to the point of pinpoint accuracy in no time!


Got any slingshot accuracy tips or other great slingshot shooting tips of your own? Let us know with a comment below!

Author: Josh Nieten

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  1. When storing your slingshot put it in a plastic storage bag to prevent elastic degeneration. Believe it. Buy some extra ones.

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    • Excellent tip sir! And thanks for reading our article! I actually have a terrific example of just what you are talking about with one of my current slingshots that needs the band replaced badly! The band is all crumpled up like it was placed in a hot oven! LOL!!!

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  2. Awesome video! I’m looking forward to learning more!

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